12 Sep

There are many artificially packed food items that can make our health weak and refined sugar is one among them. Why is sugar bad for you? Sugar cannot be grouped under natural ingredient though it is extracted from the sugar cane.

The extract of the sugar cane undergoes much process in order to attain the crystal structure of the sugars. This is the main reason why the sugar is impure and there are many health impacts of sugar on our body. Sugar is something that we consume in our day to day life. We struggle to substitute sugar with some other means of food. The main ingredient for the tea and coffee that we consume many times a day is the sugar. It is not possible for us to replace the sugar because it is necessary in most of all the food items.


There are many side effects on consuming the sugar and it can bring even the cancer into your body. People who complaints about the weight gain will be the one who uses the sugar as often. The fast food life style is the main reason for gaining the weight and simultaneously the reason for losing the strength. There are many other diseases which can make your health weak and puts you under many complicated health conditions. The main reason for the diabetes is the regular use of sugar and the blood pressure uses sugar as the first cause for its rise. There are many types of sugars that are available in the market. Each type of sugar takes different forms and affects the body in different ways. The complicated sugar are the one which takes long time for your body to break up and therefore is more healthy for your body when compared with the other sugars. This is the sugar that is found on pure glucose such as grains and the fruits. They are very good for the health and can help you to solve many health problems. Simple sugar is one of the most common sugars that get rapidly divided when it comes to your body and has many drawbacks as well as the benefits. These types of sugars can be found on your dining table combined with the puddings. They have many medical problem associated with it and so it is recommendable not to use such types of sugars.


Eating sugar has many health affects on your body that it can negatively impact your body and the organs which can prevent them from working properly. The immediate result of the sugar inside our body is that it decreases the white blood cells in your body which can cause many problems. These cells are the one which is responsible for killing the bacteria’s and so it can accompany many side effects. There will be high energy loss if you intake high quantity of sugar and so it will have side effects on your behaviour. The intake of sugar can also increase the level of blood pressure and can thereby contribute to the cardiovascular problems. Now you would have understood the main reason why sugar is bad for you.


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