12 Sep

There are so many facts related to sugar as it is an important substance for the human body but sometimes can be counter-productive. There are various disturbing reasons about the bad effects of the sugar in the human body. The added sugar is one of the worst ingredients for the human body and is also one of the common ingredients in the modern diet. Various harmful effects impact metabolism in the human body which leads to various types of diseases.


Some harmful factors about sugar

Some reasons for why is sugar bad for you include various important factors. The added sugar contains no nutrients and essentials which are very harmful for the body especially for your teeth.  These are the foods that contain only calories and no nutrients and people consume more calories with sugar which leads to various health problems including nutrient deficiencies. This is one of the worst substances for the teeth because of the bacteria which attack the teeth. The added sugar has high amount of fructose which can overload your liver in your body. The sugar has the major component glucose and fructose. Eating lots of fructose containing food will overload the liver and after that turn into fat in your body. The overloading of the liver with fructose can cause non- alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The sugar in our body can cause insulin resistance, which is considered to be a stepping stone towards the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. The glucose content in our blood should be maintained otherwise it is highly toxic and also leads to blindness which is a major problem caused in most of the diabetic patients.

The insulin resistance in your body can cause the type 2 diabetes, which is a type of diabetes found in many of the human beings. The sugar is a substance that can give you cancer which is one of the leading causes of death. You have to control the insulin level in the body. There are proven facts that people who eat uncontrolled sugar are at a much higher risk of getting cancer.


Sugar is an additive substance

Due to effects on you hormones and the brain, the sugar has various unique fat promoting effects on the body. This is because different foods have different type of effects in the human brain and the hormones that control the intake of the food. The calories from the sugar will not fulfil your diet and can translate into an increased intake of calorie. Eating of sugar can cause the massive release in the brain and this is because sugar is a highly additive substance. Sugar also raises your cholesterol and gives you the heart disease if not controlled properly.


Sugar is one of the leading substances of obesity found in both children and the adults. The over consumption of the sugar will lead to the obesity which can cause various diseases. So cutting down the sugar consumption is very important for maintaining the health of your body. These are the main reasons why is sugar bad for you and you should take the steps to prevent it.


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