12 Sep

We all get addicted to some food habits and even though we tend to avoid it, we struggle get out of it fully. The reason is everybody (If not most) love sugar and the food lovers find it is hard to change their bad habits. Even common food items can ruin our health and although we are well educated about its health risks, we are not avoiding it willingly. The sweet “poison” usually gets a pass on peoples book and we tend to overlook it’s harmful qualities that ruin our health. The sugary candies and sweet dessert items all are filled with this harmful sugar content. Just imagine how hard it is to forget about eating sugary food items in our life. The food lovers can’t bear to hear it and they can check out why they should get away from the tasty sugar by reading this article.


Bad qualities-empty calories

We bring all the facts and risks of sugar and answer the query of why is sugar bad for you. The sugar is the worst food content in your food diet and it can harm your health with its danger qualities. You will be more conscious once  you discover why you should not think about adding sugar in your daily diet. The sugar content is mainly comprised of sucrose and fructose content with no nutrition. You can put on a lot calories only from this sweet “poison” and it does not have any good nutrients worth mentioning because it would be counter productive and quite unhealthy if you decide to consume for its minor nutritional value. Many people have learned that sugar is nothing but calories with no nutritional values but they don’t take serious note of it.


Bad for health and teeth

Recent health study states that the sugar is as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol drinks. A food with nutritional values like proteins, minerals and much more are all you expect from your regular nutritional diet. Sugar with empty calories doesn’t have any of these things in it. Your nutritional deficiencies is dependent upon how much amount of sugar you take in your food. Your bad bacteria and germs residing in teeth get easy corrosive energy from sugar and ruin your teeth health as well. Sugar is considered as the plague in ruining your teeth by giving people a lot of oral problems. The fructose content can only be absorbed by liver which is an over load to liver.

The wrong metabolism function and its related health symptoms and diseases are its dangerous health hazards. The obese people with high fat content are vulnerable to get affected by diabetes when they consume an excess amount of sugar. Due to its fructose and sucrose content you are at high risk to get type 2 diabetes which is from the insulin resistance effect of sugar. Hormonal change and slow metabolism  may give fat promoting effects in your body. The reason why sugar is bad for you is that it can make you gain unwanted weight, ruin your teeth, make you feel unhealthy and sick. With these symptoms you are subject to a higher chance of cancer which can ultimately ruin your life. You should limit this sweet poison content in your food time to lead a healthy life.


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