12 Sep

Many have the question that since sugar does not have fat , how it will increase the weight; the answer for this question is sugar is made of simple carbohydrates which will be stored in different parts of our body. And if the calories of sugar have not been burnt through physical exercise, it will be turned converted into fat and increases the body weight. Sugar is a complex form of glucose which provides energy to the body but if people do not utilise the energy then it will turn into fat. Sugar is mainly manufactured from sugar cane, to prepare sugar ,the sugar cane juice is fermented and it is processed in different refinery steps. The last refining stage produces sugar, the sugar will appear like polished crystalline diamond which taste very sweet, it can be used for different recipes and it can be added to drinks, fruit juice and other food materials.


There are many types of sugar they are white sugar, brown sugar, palm sugar and jiggery, when comparing different sugar type’s, normal white sugar is very dangerous to our body because it only contains empty calories without any nutritional value to our body. When we consume more sugar a day we are prone to diabetics because the sugar has a power to resist insulin which in turn develops into diabetics and other harmful heart diseases in people. It raises the cholesterol level in the body and result in heart disease; it reduces the metabolic rate and increases the body weight. The sugar is a main reason for obesity because it tempts  people to eat more and when we indulge in eating more sugary sweets our body will be enlarged due to the storage of fat. Thus these are the main for reason why is sugar bad for you? So control the excessive sugar intake and live a happy and healthy life.


Harmful effects of sugar

The sugar is a refined food product which does more harm than good the sugar has more calories and it do not have any essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals or essential it only provides energy and that causes tooth decay in kids and elders. People who eat a mainly western diet with added sugar will get fatty liver disease because the fat produced by the sugar will be stored in the liver and cause harmful effects in people. People love snacks like cream cookies, cola and other chips varieties they contain high amount of added sugar which causes non alcoholic liver disease, which means that sugar is more harmful than alcohol, That is why is sugar bad for you?.

Alternatives of sugar

The sugarcane sugar is a refined product which does not have any nutritive value so instead of choosing it we can use sugar alternatives like palm sugar, coconut sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup etc. These alternatives provide same sweet taste like sugar but their calories are very low and they have good nutritional value so we can have it daily without feeling guilty.


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